Before the conception of this blog, I was an avid user of the Medium blogging platform. Let me knock a couple things out the way first:

  • I don't hate Medium, the UI and thought behind it makes sense
  • I'm not telling you to quit Medium and create your own blog but I'm not telling you not to.
  • This is not a my "horror story about Medium"

Now that we got that out of the way let me dive in.

I'm currently using the Ghost CMS with a Gatsby front-end. I know self-hosting isn't for everyone but it works for me. To be more specific about my reasons for leaving Medium you have to know the whole story.

I started using Medium in like 2016. The community element you found on Medium wasn't really on any other platforms imo. The writing experience was honestly just beautiful from the markdown capabilities to the WYSIWYG editor. It was really just perfect.

Or so I thought.

I have completely moved over to the Ghost CMS platform for the following reasons:

Custom Domain Service Deprecation

At the time I was using a custom subdomain connected to my Medium publication.(It used to be In 2017, Medium threw a lot of writers a new one. They deprecated the custom domain service. Why? There was never really an official answer but I simply think Medium wanted more attention to their platform. The new domain was changed to

It Sucks For Programmers

Writers on the Medium have little to no control of their own content. You can't really change the layout to much, SEO is iffy at best, etc. Obviosuly I expect limitations on a platform with such high user experiance, as there always is that tradeoff but to this caliber. I quickly started to lose interest.

They Lock You In

Medium has an export feature if you ever want to move your content to a new platform but it sucks. I tried moving my content into this blog actually and it was hell tbh so I gave up.

They Value Their Member's Program Over Their Publisher Program

Medium at one time was all about the writers. The idea used to be to create an easy but robust experiance for writers to publish their content on Medium's platform. Now adays Medium is focusing more on their membership program. I for one am not ok with my content being hidden behind a paywall. I'm ok with platforms trying new things but only if its a symbiotic change.

Ghost is decentralized. Doesn't censor any content. Most importantly it values writer experience over making a quick buck.